One Dad Punished His Teen By Taking Over Her Social Media


If you’re a parent of a daughter, think back to when they were teenagers.  Let’s say, they attended a sleep over and you found out that they snuck in boys, what would you do?  Back then maybe maybe you would ground them.  A father in Texas decide to discipline his 15 years that pulled this stunt but by hitting her, not literally, where it counts.  Social media.



The Dad took over his daughter’s social media accounts for two weeks and posted pictures of himself in a wig, short shorts and crops.  He even had a friend help out.   Dad even posted videos:


Here we go! Parent take over day 3!!! She definitely should have chosen the month of grounding instead of 2 weeks and giving us access to all of her social media!! This is the last one to be shared to FB so go follow her TikTok!! Shout out to Hunter Tomlinson for the backup!!😂😂 #parenttakeover #parentingwin #makebetterchoicesCheck out and subscribe to our YouTube channel for further enjoyment!! Big Family Bigger Fun!

Posted by Larry Sumpter on Wednesday, November 13, 2019


His pictures received double the amount of LIKES than his daughter normally gets when she posts something ——- now her friends will likely want to hang out at her house —– “your Dad is soooo cool….”








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