Snuggling With Pickles

A London woman went viral yesterday because she and her boyfriend sleep with their 84-pound pig. Maddie Johnson adopted Pickles after he was displaced by a flood in 2017.

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She says she already has a dog named Dill. “I take them to the beach and Pickles will be playing in the tide while Dill nervously looks on. Pickles will run circles around Dill until he finally caves and goes for a paddle. It works the other way around, too, with Dill looking out for Pickles. If another dog comes over and challenges Pickles, Dill gets between them and stands his ground. Pickles is like his big bro and if you want to hang out with him, you have to accept his brother. You can almost hear him saying, ‘It’s cool, it’s cool. Pickles is one of us – he’s a dog.’ It’s so sweet.”

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Photo Source: LivingWithPickles

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