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How Much Sugar Per Day Is Ok?

Experts agree that some added sugar in the diet is fine. But the truth is, most Americans are consuming way too much — on average, nearly 66 pounds of added sugar per person, every year.

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1st Garlic Festival

You are invited to the 1st Garlic Festival at the Vankleek Hill Community Center 36 Mill St. E. on Sunday, September 9th from 10am to 4pm. Guest speaker: Paul  Pospisil with 20 years of experience in growing garlic. Wide selection

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Store Your Spices Properly

Millions of tons of spices are consumed around the world each year. Some of your favourite dishes contain spices sourced from unique areas around the world, from they Hymilain Mountians all the way to the eastern lands of Kashmir.

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Eat Fresh Food

Summer is the best time for you to get fresh produce. Eating healthy is key to longevity and fresh produce will help you along the way. 

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Weight Down, Hunger Up

The more weight you drop, the more hungry you will be, that’s pretty much how it works. Keeping the cravings down as you lose weight can be a tough thing to do, stay focused and read these tips.

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A Few Almonds Per Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Keys to a healthy heart: Plant-based diet, regular sleep and exercise. Now almonds are taking a bigger role in protecting your heart too! 

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Vitamin D And Rest

Make sure you get enough vitamins into your diet along with a good nights rest is key to your health. Vitamin D is one of those essential vitamins you should be getting lots of too. 

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Wait For The Carbs

The end of your workout usually involves some stretching and some sort of meal. Maybe a shake or a light healthy snack or even right to a nice dinner.

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Wash That Fruit!

Always make sure to wash your fruits and veggies before you eat them. Pesticides are all over your veggies and fruits and they will stay right there if you don’t get the stuff off.

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Kids Need Much Less Junk Food

So many of us enjoy our junk food! Our favourite snacks and comfort foods aren’t always healthy either. Children love the junk food even more than we do sometimes, but it needs to stop. 

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Man VS Chilli

A 34-year old man found himself in the hospital after he experienced a series of intense headaches and dry heaving after eating a Carolina Reaper, which reportedly the hottest pepper in the world, during the contest in New York.

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Camels Escape To McDonald’s

Two camels recently escaped from a traveling circus enclosure in Bremen, Germany. The camels walked to a nearby McDonald’s where they strolled through the parking lot before chewing on the restaurant’s grass. The camels ate for 30 minutes before circus

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Wrong Hamburglar

Sydney, Australia, A man was recently threatened with a fine for taking home the wrong McDonald’s order. He ordered two double cheeseburgers, two large fries, nuggets and two frozen Cokes. When he got home he realized he had the wrong

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Bacon Potato

I had this idea a few years ago, and is it ever good. Very simple to do, there might be other versions online.   Set the BBQ to medium heat, wrap some potatoes in bacon. Wrap them in aluminum foil,

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Pardon My French

When we hear the word “French” in Canada rarely do images of Baguettes and the Eiffel Tower pop into our heads. It’s usually Poutine and Maple Syrup, well at least it is in my head. Out on the west coast

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