What Is The Perfect Steak

According to a survey by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, conducted by OnePoll, we love our steak on the BBQ, beef was voted the favourite meat to grill up.

Our favourite cut of steak according to the responses are T-Bone, followed by porterhouse, ribeye steaks, and filet mignon.

The question, “How do you like it cooked?” comes up a lot. The most popular way is well done, followed by medium well, then medium.

Here Are The “Coles Notes” On The Perfect Steak:

T-bone cut: 16 percent, porterhouse: 11 percent, ribeye: 10 percent or filet mignon: 10 percent

Cooked well-done: 21 percent, medium-well: 20 percent or medium: 16 percent

Topped with salt and pepper: 43 percent

Cooked on a grill: 57 percent

Wet marinade when grilling: 44 percent

Paired with a baked potato: 46 percent

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