Yoga Anyone?


Ladies….you and your girlfriends need to get together and do some yoga……now before you say – “There’s no way I’m doing yoga!” Did we mention it involves wine.


Drunk Yoga has become a hot exercise trend. Eli Walker created it in 2017 and says his yoga classes are 90 minutes long and involve drinking red and white wine while performing yoga poses to 80’s and 90’s music. Class participants often take sips after performing difficult moves.


“It’s OK if you spill,” says Drunk Yoga creator Eli . “But if you do spill on your mat, you have to say one nice thing about yourself.”  Moves include the Corkscrew, where you spin around in the pretzel-like Gomukhasana pose without taking your feet off the ground. There’s also the Twerking Downward Dog, which is exactly what it sounds like — Downward Dog while shaking your rear — and a bit dizzying after drinking alcohol.




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